Lancashire County Council

Safeguarding Alerts

Lancashire County Council commissioned Xyla Health and Social Services in March 2022 to complete 1,190 Safeguarding alerts to begin in April 2022, over a 16-week period.

We’re delighted to say that this project was initiated due to the quality and timeliness of the work, that was already in place, which was a DoLS project. We were quickly commissioned, as the relationship between Xyla and Lancashire Council was already formed.

Our first task was to make enquiries into each safeguarding alert, check that safeguarding plans as appropriate were in place, and where no further action was needed the alert was completed as per the Care Act section 42(1). Where the level of risk and safeguarding concerns remained, or more information was needed, the enquiry was transferred back to the Council’s safeguarding service, following appropriate consent being gained. This allowed further enquiries to be made and safeguarding planning to take place in accordance with the Care Act Section 42(2). We worked in partnership with Lancashire County Council to support in clearing their safeguarding alerts. While Xyla carried out this work, Lancashire took this opportunity to complete a restructure for future planning. To support the council further, we completed a written report to display key trends within their processes and structure, which in return would enhance their planning, moving forward.

The Outcomes

1,190 Safeguarding alerts were received

25 Cases were progressed to Section 42.2

1,165 cases were closed as no further action was required