Safeguarding children

During this period, safeguarding has to be delivered in a different way. Thus, always by following the National Guidance for children’s safeguarding, we have developed ways that allow us to keep offering our services virtually, where possible and appropriate.

Our goal is to utilise our extensive knowledge and experience in mobilising fully managed and supported teams of social workers and family support workers at very short notice.

We aim to have a team of social workers working with LA colleagues within 2/3 weeks of a request for service, and continue to ensure our menu of support options can add real value by assisting Children’s Services in keeping children safe.

We have worked with more than 40 LAs on a wide range of social work projects.

We offer a range of projects which are tailored to your needs, provide excellent value and come highly recommended by LA Children’s Services with whom we have worked in the past.

These are a few examples of services we can offer, which can by all means be adjusted to your own priority needs:

  • Edge of Care Services
  • Referral and Assessment Services and Backlogs
  • Children in Need (CIN) Services including Diagnostic Reviews
  • Child Protection (CP) and Safeguarding Services
  • Revocation and SGO Services

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