Triage services for care at home packages

Understanding customers’ risk, particularly those in receipt of care in the community, where there may be pressure to understand support. Our service can:

  • Conduct welfare checks to vulnerable individuals under Local Authority direct payment or commissioned care.
  • Conduct a risk stratification analysis for customers on a neighbourhood level to support the Authority in understanding where a critical resource may be needed at times of high demand.
  • Scenario planning for Authorities where some care may need to be de-prioritised, understanding where other caregivers (such as family/friends) may be able to support.

Our practitioners will undertake a triage for those packages via secure, remote access to the LA’s CRM and over-the-phone triage with customers, families and providers to assess:

  • Medication: calls to administer / time-specific details and if the administration be carried by others in the short-term
  • Continence: assistance to use the toilet or manage continence aids, the skills requirements or availability of specific skills or equipment required, e.g. stoma care or colostomy bag.
  • Moving and handling: assess whether the individual is mobile, can be supported by others and whether the support requires specific skills or equipment.
  • Nutrition: assess whether the individual is able to prepare their own food/drink or could be supported by others. Whether the support requires specific skills or equipment, e.g. peg feed.

Our service will support the prioritisation of the above into high / low-risk and increasing risk, by holding a ‘monitoring caseload’ to continuously assess changing needs.

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