An overview of Adult Social Care during a pandemic

How the pandemic has affected social care? What’s different now and where should we focus on now and in the near future?

An overview of Adult social care services by our Head of Adult Services, Christine Warner:

The COVID pandemic has made us all stop and think!

To date, I have spent 32 years working in adult social care, both as a social worker and senior manager. During that time, I have seen various changes and faced many challenges which have tested both my reserve and the ability to change and adapt.

Then out of nowhere, COVID-19 enters both our home and work lives wreaking havoc, an experience most of us have never known. Like many people during lockdown I have had a great deal of time to consider, assess and evaluate the problems we are facing in Adult social care and how we as a company can reach out confidently to our Health & Social Care partners.

The pandemic has given us all the opportunity to think more creatively on how we meet the demands of the current situation and what Adult Social Care will look like after the pandemic.

It has made me think more about not what we do now, but how we do it? Can new ways of working achieve the same quality outcomes? This was my challenge!

This time of crisis has not only helped us to look to the future, but it has also given us confidence in the services we offer, ensuring that we maintain and develop bespoke services that are ready to meet both the current and future demand.

For me as a Head of service working in this very competitive market, I have found this time extremely thought-provoking and inspiring. Whilst our health & social care colleagues have been working extremely hard caring for those suffering from the virus, it was also apparent to me that there were still hundreds of vulnerable people out there in need of care, support and reassurance in the form of social work services.

During the last 4 months, we have been fortunate enough to have worked with several of our partner organisations where we have tested some of our newly established recovery services such as remote DoLS assessments, hospital discharge and welfare checks.

The results to date have been extremely positive for both us and our partners. This COVID-19 journey has been an extremely difficult one for everyone particularly for carers, the NHS workers and more importantly those people who have lost a loved one. It is hoped that with partnership working and our recovery model, we can reach out to those who need us most.

It must be acknowledged however that none of this success would have been achievable without the great support network within Xyla Health and Social Services the success of these projects is down to our relationship managers, project co-ordinators, social workers and quality assurers who I would like to say a huge thank you to. You are all amazing & truly inspiring!

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