Meet Donna, our QA Lead

We are shining a light on our amazing social workers, nurses and quality assurance leads.

In our latest meet the team spotlight, we spoke to Donna Rehm, one of our quality assurance leads and we are pleased to introduce her to you:

Donna, tell us what a typical day looks like for you:

I currently work from home, unless I need to meet certain social workers or service users face to face. My day is quite varied, but I always start by checking in on my work-tray and going through each assessment. I have quite a few calls with varied social workers and discuss quality and guidance for the different assessments.

How do you believe the services we provide make a difference?

Xyla Health and Social Services are useful because we can give another perspective on a case. We come in and see it with another pair of eyes. I have seen cases where there is over-provision of support and sometimes, they can be independent of their original assessment, so they don’t need the additional funding. We can go in and help them work on certain skills and give them more independence for the future, so they can achieve more in the long term.

Have you always worked in social care services?

Previously to working for Xyla Health and Social Services, I was working in a Local Authority for about 12 years, as a Senior Practitioner in a Learning Disability Team and this gave me a great sense of achievement as it was such a varied role. Now, I’ve been working for the Xyla Health and Social Services for 5 years and feel the same purpose.

What do you love about your role?

I’ve been qualified for about 20 odd years. It has been interesting to learn and meet new people – it gives me varied kinds of life and keeps me busy. I remember my project was in Devon, and I thought it is great to work in different environments and gave me great flexibility with both my professional and personal life.

What do you wish people knew about your work?

It is important to be committed, have great time-management, and be organised. For me, I understand that people are waiting on my review or assessment, so I am mindful of how long it may take me to complete a task. I take a methodical approach and break down tasks to keep to the timescales, as timescales for Xyla Health and Social Services are well defined.

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