Meet Rima, our Quality Assurer

What does a typical day look like for you, and what are you currently working on?

As I have worked remotely for over two years (pre-pandemic), a typical day entails checking my daily/weekly planner, emails, notifications to QA/Audit, and then plan my day accordingly. Time management is everything in this role. I have various Teams Meetings/Calls either with our Social Workers or other Quality Assurers and Clients. I then access Egress and the different IT systems for each project. I quality assure on multiple projects, and each client has their expectations. The goal is to ensure a high rate of work to improve the outcomes for people.

Currently, I am working on four different projects. I Quality Assurer on the Warwickshire DoLS project and assist on Coventry when needed. I am presently auditing for Anglesey for Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014 – Social Work assessments, support planning, reviews and safeguarding.

I am working on an Independent case for Solihull Metropolitan Council – Care Act 2014 assessment.

What do you love about our role?

I had worked with Xyla Health and Social Services since 2015, when it was formally Quality Assured Projects, as an Independent Social Worker for Manchester, Doncaster, Birmingham and Bradford DoLS project. I then was the Quality Assurance Lead for the Solihull Social Work Assessment and Review Project. I have been fortunate to have experienced Xyla Health and Social Services’ growth and now officially continue my journey with the team – at long last.

It is reassuring, especially as I am remote-based, that I can access various training with Xyla and that there is always support/supervision or just a drop-in session when required.

I love that my role allows me to be involved in diverse work where I can evolve and reflect to enable me to deliver a high quality of work.

How does Xyla Health and Social Services make a difference to our end-user?

Xyla Health and Social Services offer objectivity and solutions for the long term. Some cases evidence an over-reliance/dependency on formal services and a lack of integrated support to care in order to support the Person. Continuous analysis and a management plan from our experienced team enable our clients to sustain the required changes.

What is your most significant achievement to date – personal or professional?

Professionally working as an Accident Emergency Social Worker and then later Advanced Social Work Practitioner in an inner-City Hospital has been my most significant professional achievement. It was fast-paced, demanding, meeting daily stringent (at times, unrealistic) deadlines, ensuring hospital discharges were not only safe but sustainable. I grew in confidence within a health-dominated environment, learnt how to assert my right, give people a voice and further educate that Social Work is an Academic and Professional discipline.

The experience was core in my value base’s development to work holistically, diligently in forward-thinking, and ensure a person’s health and care needs are met effectively whilst developing cultural/religious and anti-discriminatory competence Social Work practice.

It was humbling to see patients/service users retain their independence, acknowledging me in the Supermarket.

I am personally – Having the much younger minority ethnic generation refer to me as a “Role Model and Inspiration” is my most significant achievement and one that I do not take lightly. Whilst growing up – for me, there was a lack of Female role models in this profession, which has made me passionate about my career choice.

What do you wish people knew about your role?

That being a remote-based QA does not entail watching Netflix all day. It requires motivation, organisation, transparency, and continuous commitment – Quality Assurance is a continuum from the evaluation of our service and continually evolving as People’s needs do to improve and grow as a service.

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