Our BESPOKE model

In the challenges presented by the current pandemic, health and social care organisations are feeling the pressure, particularly when it comes to staffing & resources.

Xyla Health and Social Services provides outcomes-based managed services, allowing organisations to support elements of their workload without the headache of temporary employment and workforce management. Flexible support programmes costed by statutory output can provide critical capacity when demand tips above the norm, with a quality-assured solution which allows the service to continue to deliver against agreed performance targets and statutory timescales.

Our BESPOKE model below showcases what puts us at the heart of delivering high-quality effective solutions for any health and social care organisation.

Breadth – We’ve worked with over 60 organisations in the last four years delivering frontline statutory social work and health services, focused on simplifying the patient and service users’ journey, across a range of professionals and support settings. Our unique team of 250 practitioners who work across the country, backed by a database of over 20,000 health and social work professionals, in addition to a management team with 50+ years’ experience in leading and delivering public services, means we understand the wide range of challenges faced by the clients we support.

Excellence – All of our professionals deliver best practice, strengths-based approaches to working with vulnerable people and have many years’ experience at a senior level in delivering time-limited, high-impact interventions, which can rapidly reduce backlogs and improve outcomes for frontline services. Our clients provide written references and testimonials which showcase the outcomes we’ve achieved and offer reassurance to help you make the right decision for your organisation.

Support – We don’t simply deploy teams of professionals to support your frontline duties. Our specialist project teams provide a fully managed service including a team of experienced consultants and associates who support strategic transformation, whether full-scale service redesign, frontline training or workforce development or significant budgetary pressures are causing concern. Our team includes quality assurance, business support staff and service-level management, IT and other functions, providing reporting and governance to ensure that the key outcomes always remain our goal for every project.

Partnership – We will work in partnership with you and all your key stakeholders ensuring that relationships are nurtured and maintained through what are undoubtedly difficult and challenging times. Our key functions such as discharge to assess, remote care package reviews, duty & assessment and long-term casework services share learning and best practice with a focus on delivering the best value through risk-gain share models, pay-per output and fixed budget programmes. This means all our service outcomes are incorporated with no additional costs for the extra resource or the work done to meet an agreed goal, removing financial pressures further down the line.

Optimisation – We will optimise both our time and resources to ensure that resources are targeted to where they are needed most. supported from hospital to community settings. Projects are mobilised with implementation, training and on-boarding following strict protocols and on-the-ground in as little as 3 weeks, allowing staff time to be prioritised and maximised in line with agreed KPIs. Working on a pay-per-output or risk-gain-share model means our services remain sighted on the end goal and you pay for meeting service KPIs rather than input or wasted time allocated.

Knowledge –With many years’ experience and knowledge working in and around health and social care, we deploy a multi-disciplinary team including Best Interests Assessors, CHC Nurse Assessors, AMHPs, S117 Review Officers, Family Support Practitioners, S12 Doctors, Occupational Therapists and other nursing and allied health professional support staff. Working across a wide and varied client base in learning disabilities, older people, physical disabilities & mental health, each project is built from the ground up with the right skill mix of professionals backed by quality assurance and overseen by our practice-led management team.

Efficiency & Effectiveness – Our projects deliver an average return on investment of over £3 for every £1 spent, which serves to highlight the value in engaging our services. The services we offer are both efficient and effective, with delivery models based on what we know works well in the most cost-effective way. Some organisations shy away from a managed-model service because they believe cost may be an issue, however, we believe working with you to find the right solution will always deliver the best value solution to meet any demand, quality or cost challenge.

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