Care Reviews and Assessments

We have a flexible and highly effective model for delivering reviews and reassessments; completing over 9,000 assessments, with an average turnaround from allocation to completion of 21 days.

Our projects can support our clients to clear review waiting lists, while also benefiting from our experienced network of assessors who have a proven track record in strength-based assessments. We ensure that care packages promote independence and reduce reliance on state funded support.


Our tailor-made services offer:

  • Social care assessments (all client groups)
  • Social care reviews (all client groups)
  • Support planning
  • Carer’s assessments
  • Continuing health care (CHC) screening and decision support tool (DST) meetings
  • Panel applications

Utilising managed services -the benefits:

An extensive network of experienced social workers who have a proven track record in assessing the needs of people with a range of conditions

Robust Quality Assurance and check/challenge from our dedicated Project Lead, ensuring that support is proportionate to needs and independence is being promoted

A fully staffed administration team who have extensive experience of all the major social care client management systems

Tailored workflow and processes to meet the client’s needs

What our clients say

“Central Bedfordshire Council engaged the services of Xyla Health and Social Services (formerly ICS Assessment Services) to address a backlog of Best Interests Assessments and S12 Mental Health Assessments. Although the Council had a team of its own staff who were addressing incoming cases, we were mindful of the risk of delaying assessments for vulnerable adults.”

What our clients say

“We chose to engage with Xyla Health and Social Services (formerly ICS Assessment Services) because of their outcomes-based approach, which offered guaranteed completed assessments in a fixed timeframe and for a fixed cost. This meant that Xyla Health and Social Services were responsible for selecting and managing the specialist staff, allocations and administration and the quality of the completed assessments, so unlike using locums there was no drain on management time.”

What our clients say
“We were impressed with the way Xyla Health and Social Services (formerly ICS Assessment Services) managed the project and very satisfied with the quality of the assessments. Any issues were rapidly resolved and overall we feel thatthis approach represented value for money for the Council.”

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