OT Assessments

Occupational Therapy outcomes benefit a range of clients with physical, psychological and social issues –we know this is a fundamental part of health and wellbeing, and in many cases should be delivered as part of a holistic and cost-effective care package.

We provide rapid, quality outsourced services to manage front-door referrals and waiting lists for OT Assessments on a case-by-case basis.


Our tailor-made services offer:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate waiting lists
  • Promote independence, re-ablement and rehabilitation for clients
  • Decrease waiting times across regions
  • Reduce hospital delays and discharges
  • Prevent avoidable admissions
  • Create significant long-term cost savings to Local Authorities by combining OT outcomes with effective social care packages

Utilising Occupational Therapy Assessment Services -the Benefits:

Given our experience working with over 26 Local Authorities in the UK, we also understand that Social Care Services experience delays in delivering timely OT Assessments and enabling their clients to remain at home and live independently with an appropriate care package, with some areas reaching 100+ referrals awaiting local intervention via an OT. We offer:

  • Identify clear transfer points in partnership with the Local Authority to ensure timely throughput
  • Feedback and cascade of learning back to social work teams through Service Development and management meetings
  • Weekly Performance Reporting including case turnaround and contributing towards internal Council key performance metrics (KPIs

Additional benefits include:

  • Guaranteed timescales and acceptance rates -our Social Care experience spans over 10,233 Assessments completed by our UK-wide teams with an average turnaround of 22 days per case
  • Fixed, Per-Assessment Pricing -we agree volumes of cases, timescales and processes up-front to deliver a flat-fee price per Assessment enabling you to spend only what you need
  • Referral Management -referrals for Minor/Major Adaptations can be passed directly to the Local Authority or managed by our Service Centre

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