Education, Health and Care Plans

Writing a good quality Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan is the cornerstone to achieving the best outcomes for children and young people. As statements and Learning Disability Assessments (LDAs) are being transferred to EHC Plans under the Children and Families Act 2014, it is important to understand the impact of this transition period.

Xyla Health and Social Services provides a dedicated model of support for transition of statements to plans and beyond, ensuring that Local Authorities which currently hold statements for children and young people in their area can provide a timely EHC Assessment and Plan which continues their lawful duty to provide care and support needs and ensure outcomes are measured appropriately.

Our tailor-made services offer:

  • Compliance to the Children and Families Act 2014 in relation to the provision of EHC Plans
  • Promoting the ‘voice of the child’ in every plan
  • Flexible, per-plan pricing models within guaranteed timescales
  • Assessments carried out (where required) by a pool of experienced SEN officers
  • Collated input from EHC assessments, statements and LDAs to complete all plans
  • Project-managed and quality assured services that meet local criteria and timescales

Education, Health and Care Plan Services -the Benefits:

We develop a bespoke project plan and timescales that suits your needs, including, where required:

  1. Initial screening of cases to determine the required services (i.e. whether a conversation from EHC assessment, or LDA requiring an EHC, including identifying where additional medical or therapeutic professional input is required)
  2. Contact with the child, young person and their parents and family to ensure conversions reflect accurately the voice of the child
  3. On-going process support for new EHC needs assessment requests

Other benefits include:

  • Guaranteed working within the 18-week regulated timescales, provided through joint working with Local Authority and agreement of robust up-front processes
  • Our work with backlogs and existing statements provides a process-learning model to every client project, which we are then able to feedback, advising on front-door systems and practice for the future (following new EHC assessment requests)
  • Up-front screening process (carried out at no additional cost) to determine the volume of LDAs and statements requiring both EHC assessments, plans and/or conversions
  • Flexible, ad-hoc referrals model to engage with medical practitioners and other education, health and care specialists as required -ensuring the new EHC Plan is up-to-date and demonstrates the most recent needs and aspirations of the child or young person
  • Weekly Performance Reporting including EHC Plan turnaround and contributing towards internal Council key performance metrics (KPIs)

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