Welsh Authority

400 Social Services and Well-being Act reviews

Xyla Health and Social Services (Xyla) has supported Adult Services across Wales since 2019, completing reviews, reassessments and case file audits. 

Due to increasing waiting lists and pressures relating to workforce, a Welsh local authority commissioned Xyla in August 2020 to complete 400 Social Services and Well-being Act reviews, assessments, and reassessments.

Xyla’s project team consisted of Social Care Wales registered social workers, quality assurance leads and a Welsh-speaking project co-ordinator, to support the Welsh language measure. 

Our Approach: 

We successfully completed 500 reviews, assessments and reassessments over a period of 8 months. Mid-way through this project, as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, we adapted the scale of our support and provided an additional project in March 2021, which consisted of the completion of 1,100 RAG rating assessments.

For this additional project, we RAG rated contingency plans to provide the local authority with a view of which service users were not able to be supported via family and friends, if their usual carers were not able to attend due to COVID-19.

Following a successful retender in September 2021, Xyla Health and Social Services were delighted to continue their partnership with this authority, extending our contract to complete 50-70 reviews and assessments per month, over a six-month period.

Due to the positive impact of our work, the authority further commissioned us in March 2022 to continue completing 50- 70 reviews and assessments per month, which came to and end in September 2022. 


  •  893 service users reviewed and assessed
  • 99% rate of acceptance on first submission
  • Over 200 cases screened out at no extra cost


The positive impact made, enabled this Welsh Local Authority to commission further work from Xyla, and we were delighted to support the council in extra projects and expansions since first being commissioned.