Hospital discharge & Reablement

Due to the coronavirus pandemic hospitals have been told to cancel non-urgent operations for three months in a bid to free up 30,000 beds in preparation for a surge in coronavirus. It is hoped the measure could free up a third of the 100,000 hospital beds in England, so the health service is not overwhelmed by the pandemic. The pressure to free up these beds however will remain with the Local Authorities to provide social work services that are flexible and can work in a timely manner to meet demand. Xyla Health and Social Services can assist with the following service provision:

  • Social Work support covering hospital discharge over 7 days
  • Social work capacity to support hospital discharge assessing patients to ensure we move them in a safe & timely manner to their assessed destination such as back home without support, back home reinstating their original care package, back home with a reablement package.
  • Xyla will also provide the support to undertake all 6-week follow-up reviews in order to maintain the flow on a continuous basis, ensuring that additional capacity is created and that services are targeted to those that need them most
  • We can also provide trusted assessors –to link up with your residential, nursing & intermediate care units or holding beds to ensure that patients are discharged to the appropriate environment. Building relationships that will instil confidence and enable safe & timely discharges.

Occupational therapy support can be provided where necessary either as part of a team or on an ad hoc basis.

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