Navigating the funding landscape as we move through 2024

As we embrace the arrival of spring, the health and social care landscape continues to find itself having to navigate familiar challenges with increasingly stretched financial budgets.

An announcement by the Government in January earmarked an extra £600 million to enable councils to provide crucial social care services (, however the stark reality is that this does not go far enough with councils having to grapple with financial strains whilst trying to minimise the impact on how essential services are delivered with difficult decisions having to be made.

Amidst difficult times our commitment to person-centred care remains unwavering; we recognise the human impact of challenges faced by local councils and the potential repercussions for individuals in need of support.

Our team is dedicated to working collaboratively with our clients; working within tight budgets and time frames to maximise our resource. We pride ourselves on our ability to save valuable resource due to our outstanding ‘Acceptance on First Submission’ rate of 95% and by ensuring that our work prioritises those most in need, screening out cases which may no longer require assessment.

One example is our collaboration with Lincolnshire County Council, completing 430 Care Act Reviews and Reassessments within a 3-month period, while exceeding our bench mark ‘Acceptance on First Submission’ rate to 100%, keeping within timescales and budgets.

Whilst these challenges persist, we call for a collaborative and sustainable approach to funding that prioritises the well-being of those who depend on such essential services. Together, with a shared commitment to the welfare of our communities, we are determined to provide the support and care that our clients, and those in their care, need during these challenging times.

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